Monica Miller Addresses Sales of Human Eggs

Guess what great “business” is being celebrated on Saturday, March 10. It’s the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, and the Third Annual Abortionist of the Year award.

Pray for Abortionists

Yes, real people who like to kill babies are honoring the men and women with the knives, and curettes and suction machines—who actually do the killing for them. If there is any doubt at all as to the truth of the demise of America and its rapid slide into Hell, here it is. People with immortal souls, destined to spend eternity either in heaven or in hell, glorifying those who murder children, ruin women’s lives and blaspheme God.

The only good that can come out of this fiasco is for pro-lifers to make this a day of special prayer for those very abortion providers who are being appreciated by the abortion crowd, and by saying a special prayer for the abortion doctor who is getting the Abortionist of the Year award. Sick. I mean, real sick.

Miller on Human Egg Sales

Monica Migliorino Miller, pro-life leader from Ann Arbor, MI, formerly of Chicago, was in town for just a few days recently, but during her brief stay she got a letter printed in the Chicago Tribune on the sale of eggs from preapproved women to produce high class babies for childless couples.

Monica says that this “designer baby” program reduces a human being to a mere commodity. She says a human person has a right to be conceived through love between a man and woman who are committed to each other in marriage.

Monica also takes a page from our book, CLOSED, in suggesting that a childless couple might stand outside an abortion mill and offer to adopt one of the babies slated for death by abortion. We actually did this once when we invited a couple looking to adopt to come to a now defunct abortuary on Grand Avenue and choose a couple to have their baby and give it to them.

The desperate couple actually went into the mill and talked to a young couple we had seen go in, but they were kicked out and almost arrested. However, the abortion bound couple they had talked to did later come out of the mill and announced to our pro-life counselors that since the other couple had shown such interest in their unborn baby, they had decided to have the baby and keep it.

Our hat is off to Monica who never lets any grass grow under her pro-life feet, even while on a quick trip to Chicago.

Upcoming Chicago Area Events

Here are just a few upcoming March pro-life events in the Chicago Area you might want to take part in:

  • Saturday, March 10—Illinois Federation for Right to Life in Joliet, IL
  • Tuesday, March 13—Stem Cell Debate in Tinley Park, 708-371-7810
  • Friday, March 30—Oakbrook Terrace Drury Lane, Illinois Right to Life and Birthright Banquet.
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