A Critical Time for the Pro-Life Movement

I apologize for being late with this Action News, but the pressure of planning for the future of activism on several levels has been unusually intense the past few days, and has left me with little time to put together even an abbreviated message.

Critical Time for Pro-Life Movement

Pro-life is at a critical point, as all those involved in efforts to change the culture of our country are well aware. In every area of the movement whether legal, legislative, educational, confrontational, political, medical, scientific and all the rest, the abortion issue is a major problem that must be solved in favor of life, or our society is facing a catastrophe.

Those who don’t recognize what is happening in this country will end up victims without a clue as to what hit them. The brewing disaster taking place in the life issues will incorporate everyone. Even the ones who think they are the winners will be losers, because the price of runaway hedonism, utilitarianism and practical atheism is total disaster for the whole of society in all its various guises.

How long a nation can continue to condone and try to justify the extermination of its posterity, the perverting of its youth, the mockery of marriage, abandonment of chastity, acceptance of sexual debauchery, blatant idolatry and silent euthanasia and survive is about to be answered. The answer may well come within our lifetimes.

Theologians point out that the road to Hell is already Hell, and America is well on its way down that road and things are getting warm. Pick up any newspaper or listen to a news report or just look around: “majority votes millions for embryonic stem cell experiments,” “legislature approves same-sex marriage,” “student expelled for wearing cross”

While 51% of marriages end in divorce, 95% of couples use contraceptives and a multi-million-dollar porno industry thrives, activists are arrested for praying in front of an abortion clinic, and pharmacist fired for refusing to sell Plan B.

What too many Americans have forgotten is that God is not mocked and that there is surely a day of reckoning around the bend. What we sow, we eventually reap. And it won’t be pretty.

Stem Cells and Illinois

Having said that, we read in a Chicago Sun-Times story that with the Illinois House approved a bundle of Illinois tax money to fund human embryonic stem cell research and is poised to join California on the cutting edge of work in that area. Illinois will establish a permanent program for issuing and administering human stem cell research grants to hospitals and research facilities. While conservatives oppose human embryonic stem cell research because it destroys human life, the article assures us that the majority of the public supports it.

But whether the majority supports it or not, it is patently immoral since it is the taking of human life. That’s a mortal sin. Anyone involved in this genocide is in deep trouble and without repentance will be lost. This is serious stuff and people must take it seriously. Eternal darkness is the punishment of unrepentant mortal sin.

Gov. Rob Blagojevich and Illinois comptroller Dan Hynes have announced ten grants totaling $15 million for human embryonic stem cell research and to ensure a long-term commitment Rep. Tom Cross has introduced a bill to direct $ 25 million from the state’s tobacco settlement money to human embryonic stem cell research in each of the next four years. Makes a Christian think seriously about withholding his state taxes. Now there’s an idea!

More Proof Graphic Images Work

A review by the Chicago Tribune’s Nara Schoenberg displays some anti-slavery art that helped the abolitionists bring about the victory over slavery: the packed slave ships, the “Afro-American Express,” by artist Hank Willis Thomas, a kneeling slave in chains pleading for his freedom, with the plea, “Am I not a man and a brother?” We’re waiting for the art exhibit that depicts the plight of the unborn with the same slogan, “Am I not a man and a brother?”

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