“To Dust You Shall Return” Lent Reminds Us

Lent is for everyone—whether they know it or not. Lent tells us we are dust, and that we all return to dust someday.

To Dust You Shall Return

Nobody escapes turning back into dirt. The weight-lifter, linebacker, doctor, petite ice skater, the movie starlet—all will likewise be blowing in the wind sooner or later, irritating someone’s sinuses. It’s that simple.

So if the our body is dirt, what is the soul? It’s what really counts and it’s condition while the body turns to dust determines our eternity. Lent is about deciding where our soul, and eventually our renewed and reunited body, will spend eternity.

Lots of people don’t understand about the immortal soul and the risen body getting back together to remain reunited for all eternity. Others can understand it but can’t bring themselves to believe it. But they will.

The truth isn’t affected by whether it is believed or not. A billion people not believing in the resurrection of the body has no effect on the reality of the resurrection. It will happen. In fact, it already did.

A billion people mocking God and committing all kinds of horrendous sins does not diminish His power and glory a speck. It only makes the sinners more pitiful.

Lent is about having a chance to get it right before we turn back into dust. The smart people are those who do that. So let’s pray for each other that we get it right this Lent. We don’t know how many more Lents we might have. This could be your last Lent, or mine, and we can be sure one of these Lents will be our last.

So lets pray, fast, abstain. Make a good Lent. That’s our prayer for you and your prayer for us. Then we’ll all be happy Easter Sunday.

Another Abortuary CLOSED

In Longview, WA another Planned Parenthood abortion referral facility is closing down in March, due to cuts in federal funding. The facility had been open for only one day a week, but Planned Parenthood is complaining bitterly.

The clinic was doing abortions in western Washington closed in December. “We are witnessing a slow but steady sea change,” said Dan Kennedy of Human Life of Washington. “The declining abortion rate shows that the hard work of the pro-life community is reaping its rewards.”

Bishops Slam Condom Giveaway

Our hat is off to Edward Cardinal Egan and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of New York for lashing out against the City of New York for distributing 26 million free condoms to the public, including teens, in a drive to “save lives.” The two prelates called the decision “tragic and misguided and a failure to protect the moral tone of the community” by encouraging promiscuity.

The bishops said the program will degrade societal standards, and that the taxpayers money would be better spent fostering what is decent and true, rather than promote the attitude that anything goes. The Bloomberg administration’s theory is that this program will boost safe sex, reduce HIV and lessen unwanted pregnancies. When will they ever learn?

Illinois Bill Would Gut Parental Notification

An important legislative alert has been issued by the Archdiocese of Chicago Respect Life Office, calling on protection of the Illinois parental notification statute poised to take effect soon. House Bill 317 guts the parental notification law before it is implemented.

The new Fritchey House Bill 317 is an effort to scuttle the parental notification law by allowing nearly anyone but the parents of a minor seeking an abortion to give her the go-ahead. In fact, she only need inform them that she is having an abortion, and then go get it. They can be a distant relative, a pastor, any doctor, in fact virtually anyone she happens to run into on her way to the abortionist. It is a is a mockery of the words “parents” and “notification.”

All Illinois pro-lifers are urged to contact their State Representatives and ask them to vote NO on House Bill 317. For information call the Catholic Conference of Illinois at 312-368-1066 or 217-528-9200. Just do it.

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