Why Is Pro-Life Winning? Noell Answers

Today’s Action News is courtesy C. Preston Noell, member of the Church Militant and Editor of Tradition, Family and Property‘s Crusade Magazine.

Why Is Pro-Life Winning?

Here is Preston’s analysis of the status of the abortion wars:

Since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, the unthinkable has happened for the pro-abortion movement. What should have been a simple matter riding on the coattails of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s has become a moral and political quagmire. Pro-abortion advocates have lost their vision with no exit strategy in sight.

Examining the record, pro-life advocates have pummeled pro-abortion radicals. The facts are there for all to see.

Several states are reduced to only one abortion clinic, some open just one day a week. Pro-life activists have ensured that abortion clinics are not found in 90 % of American counties.

Yet more startling yet is the fact that abortion clinics are closing right and left. Since 1995 Planned Parenthood has closed clinics at a rate of one per month. . . .

Doctors and nurses to staff these death clinics are becoming increasingly hard to find, and to keep. Some facilities resort to flying in out-of-state doctors because local practitioners are loath to associate with the deadly trade.

State legislatures have enacted hundreds of abortion restrictions based on parental rights, preventing the abuse of minors, informed consent, or health code violations.

The pro-life cause has recruited youth who swell its ranks and ensure its future. It has secured the support of bishops and priests who have begun to speak out against pro-death politicians receiving Holy Communion.

Indeed, on every field the pro-abortion movement is loosing ground. Many question its future.

“Americans have become complacent in the belief that the right to abortion will never be taken away, and they are wrong,” said Kate Michelman when stepping down as president of Naral Pro-Choice America.

In his book, “Bearing Right: How Conservatives Won the Abortion War,” William Saletan writes: “Many people think the political struggle over abortion has been resolved and that the feminists have won. They are mistaken.”

The pro-abortion lobby is losing not through lack of resources . . . not for lack of media sympathy or pro-abortion politicians. . . .

No, the reason abortion has so polarized the nation is that it has become a moral issue that gnaws at the heart of mainstream America. The Pro-Life movement has succeeded in focusing the debate where it belongs: the breaking of God’s Law by taking innocent human life.

This shifting of the debate has forced the abortionists to abandon their false rhetoric of sexual liberation, feminism and the plight of poor women. It has forced their supporters to become embarrassed apologists who must repackage abortion “rights” as privacy issues, a libertarian freedom, a necessary evil, or even a pro-family initiative. . . .

[Yet] the more [they] try to moderate their extremist message the worse it becomes for their cause, since the ugliness of abortion only highlights the artificiality of their cosmetic changes.

The more compassionate they try to appear, the more indefensible becomes their support for partial birth abortion. . . .

The more concern they express for young girls, the more horrific becomes their defense of hiding the abusers of minors who force abortions upon their victims. . . .

The more they begrudgingly acknowledge the humanity of the unborn child, the more tragic is the picture of the fully-formed child in its mother’s womb seen through ultrasound images.

The pro-life’s greatest victory is that it has made abortion a great moral battle [and] huge sectors of the American pubic now reject abortion. Those in the middle have major reservations and doubts. A radical pro-death minority is left unmasked by the increasingly clear moral hideousness of the practice. . . .

Politicians ignore these victories to their own peril.

[I]t is time to press on to the final victory, [remembering] that the pro-life fight has never been a human battle. . . .
[T]hose who defend God’s law can expect his aid. . . .

With God’s grace, all is possible. If He gave us so many successes to date, He will take us to the end. If we trust and keep praying and fighting, He will not fail to lead us to the final victory!

Thanks, Preston. We all needed that.

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