Champions of Faith Project Deserves Support

Even though the Chicago Bears lost miserably to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday in the Super Bowl in Miami, Chicago is well known as one of the most sports-minded cities in the country, and Chicagoans love to recall the great sports heroes throughout our history and throughout the country, and that is why the event coming up next Sunday at Soldier Field should be of importance to all Chicagoans, especially Catholics.

Champions of Faith

The Champions of Faith Project which explores the meshing of sports and faith, is holding an awards benefit this Sunday, February 11, at Soldier Field, in the famous Cadillac Club Room. The host is Patrick McCaskey, co-owner of the Chicago Bears. The guest speaker is the famous Fr. Rocky—Fr. Frank Hoffman—of Northridge Prep and Relevant Radio fame, and Francis Cardinal George will lead the prayers. Sportscaster John Morales will be Master of Ceremonies.

Clips from a new sports special video, “Champions of Faith—Baseball Edition,” will feature Mike Sweeney, Jeb Suppan and former Chicago Cub Juan Pierre, now a Los Angeles Dodger Center Fielder, and other big name baseball greats whose faith was the foundation of their athletic success, while from the game they learned teamwork, sacrifice, leadership and humility.

The ten-minute clip of the video highlights the lives and careers of some of the biggest names in Major League Baseball. It is co-produced by Music Legend Bob Dylan. The video will be released at the start of the 2007 Major League Baseball season in late April.

General Admission to the awards ceremony at Soldier Field is $65 in advance, $80 at the door. You can sign up at ChampionsofFaith.com. And ask about the VIP Reception. Or for more information call 877-263-1263.

Obama Needs Clarity on Abortion

Illinois’ Junior U.S. Senator, Barack Obama, paragon of integrity and high principles, according to Fr. Andrew Greeley, voted twice against a bill to stop using your tax money for abortions, prevented a bill to care for babies born alive from abortion from even getting a hearing, does not support a ban on partial birth abortion, and voted “present” on a parental notification law. “Present” in this instance, was tantamount to a “no” vote.

He believes abortion should be “safe, legal and rare”—sound familiar?—but that it must be the choice of the woman, her family, her doctor and her conscience. How about her hair dresser, her grocer, her foot-doctor and her phrenologist?

He has admitted, however, that he is not infallible, and might find out someday that he was wrong on abortion. One would think that a politician that uncertain of his position on the value of innocent human life would be more careful about voting against bills to sustain and protect that life.

One would think that a law-maker so confused would be very cautious of voting to destroy human life in its most helpless stage, just in case human life really is there after all. The rule is that if you are not absolutely certain that there is not a person behind the door, you don’t shoot at the door!

But to the end that Obama is willing to admit that he is not infallible and could be wrong on abortion, we are going to try to convince Obama that he is surely is wrong on his support for abortion. If you, dear caller, want to join us in our first lesson on the presence of human life in the womb, with Barack Obama as our student, just give us a call at 773-777- 2900 and we will invite you to join our educational program. But call soon.

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