The Only Winning Strategy for SD Abortion Ban

After the 56 to 44 vote in South Dakota striking down a law that would have outlawed almost all abortions, the inevitable argument that the law has to be softened is now emerging. The law passed last spring had a top-heavy majority of legislators supporting it, and got the Governor’s signature and would have been the law of South Dakota had not the evil forces of Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion crowd scurried to get enough signatures to put it on the ballot for a statewide vote of the people.

Abortion Is Never Medically Necessary

Out-spent and out-foxed, the pro-life folks were overpowered by the abortion forces who were able to convince South Dakotans that without exceptions on this bill, women would die like flies by being denied abortions, when killing the baby would be the only way her life could be saved. This by a pro-abortion doctor all dressed up with a stethoscope around his neck and dressed in surgical garb, practically sobbing into the camera that his hands would be tied and women would die for the lack of abortions.

It never occurred to the gullible public to ask what these dire conditions could be that would demand the killing of a child. Had they asked that doctor, he would have lied some more, but a real doctor would have pointed out that abortion is never necessary to save a woman’s life. It just doesn’t happen.

It is a big, fat lie, used in TV ads to get gullible civilians to believe that abortion is sometimes necessary medical practice. It isn’t. Real doctors can’t even come up with an occasion where an abortion would be medically indicated to save a woman’s life.

And even less convincing is the abortionist’s argument that somehow an abortion will erase a rape. That one is really out in left field. If a woman is raped, she needs an abortion! How do you figure that?

But rather than concentrate on educating the public to the facts that abortion is never indicated as a life-saving treatment, and that abortion doesn’t do a thing to erase a rape, some pro-lifers are even now saying that we must add the abortion for rape or incest or life of the mother or something exceptions to the law to get the bill passed.

They put out the old argument that 99 per-cent of babies will be saved with an exception, because the bill will pass then, and only a few babies will die. Not so. If there is an exception for rape or life of the mother there is no protection for the baby.

Every woman will claim rape, and every pregnancy will be life threatening. Give the baby killers an inch and they’ll take the whole mile.

A Winning SD Strategy

So we recommend that the same strong bill be introduced again, and when it passes muster pro-life activists go out to South Dakota and tell the truth about the exceptions, that they are based on lies, and tell the truth about the first victim of every abortion, the unborn child. Then see if the truth won’t carry us through to an ultimate victory.

We will have to get some honest doctors on TV to point out that exceptions are never indicated, and also show the graphic pictures of what abortion does to the baby. We will have to conduct Face the Truth Tours all over the state of South Dakota to let the people of South Dakota see what they are responsible for if they vote against the new law.

Let’s decide to stop the killing of all the babies, once and for all, and get the idea of incremental laws out of our thinking. Now you spend some time thinking about this, and let us here at the Pro-Life Action League know what you come up with.

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