Obama’s Support for Abortion Will Be Exposed

I will be giving three talks while in Washington DC this weekend for the March for Life, and in all three talks I will stress the absolute necessity of all pro-lifers stepping up their activities to stop abortion.

Pro-Lifers Must Get More Active

It is clear to me that this whole abortion binge is the result of ignorance and malice: Ignorance by most people of the full humanity of the unborn child at every stage of his or her development, including what is called “the embryonic stem cell stage,” and consequently the value a rational society places on human life.

Malice is exemplified by those who for selfish reasons manage to keep people ignorant of these facts. These are members of the media, the courts, liberal politicians including most Democrats, libertines, scared over-population myth proponents, pseudo-educators and all manner of godless wonders.

The malice is even worse than the ignorance, but both must be overcome by the truth, which we have and which we must share in season and out of season, daily, hourly and nearly every minute of the day. This is our quest, our calling and our salvation.

That’s what I’m going to tell my audiences, and then I’m going to encourage them all to join our group of volunteers at the March to pass out thousands of flyers insisting on the marchers becoming more active in making pro-life part of their daily life and asking them to use the Pro-Life Action League as a major source for getting their directions and materials in order to do that.

So if you are going to be in Washington for the March, please join us up near the Supreme Court building, at First Street NE and Maryland Avenue NE, about 1:30 p.m., to catch the crowd toward the end of the March. We will be wearing red sashes with Pro-Life in large white letters. If you want to see one of these brochures, give us a call.

Obama Overexposed

We have seen just about all we want to see of the new shining star in the Democrat constellation, Barack Obama. We counted fourteen stories and news briefs on Obama in just one morning paper on one day, and if we were keeping a file it would already be bursting with gushy stories about Obama’s great charisma, how much he is like Abraham Lincoln, or is it Ronald Reagan, how smart he is, how handsome, how everybody likes him, and you know the rest.

The only problem is that Obama supports baby killing in a big way, and is so squeaky clean that he supports sodomy. In my book that takes some of the glamour away from his dazzling image.

In other words, Obama really shouldn’t even be thinking about any leadership position, least of all President of the United States. We’ve already had some of those, and they’re not good for the nation.

Our plan won’t be popular, but when Obama shows up after his official announcement in February, we’ll be there with the gruesome pictures of what abortion is and what Obama supports, and we will let the people know that if they want Obama they want abortion, if they vote for Obama they are voting for abortion, and we will ask if they want that on their consciences and on their souls. Many won’t care, but many will. In any event, the truth will out.

Plan to help us tell this truth about Barack Obama when the time is ripe. You may not be popular if you’re in our group, but you’ll be right to be there.

Chicago March for Life

If you are staying in Chicago or are in a community that is commemorating January 22, take part in the activities there. In Chicago there will be a march on Sunday, January 21, following the 12:30 Mass at Holy Name Cathedral. You will march from the Cathedral to the Water Tower at Michigan and Chicago Avenues. Join them.

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