NOW’s Kim Gandy Terrified that Pro-Lifers Oppose Contraception

Mark your calendars now for the Second Annual March for Life in Chicago. Last year’s March was highly successful and leaders hope for a similar turn out this year. It is on Sunday, January 21, following the 12:30 Mass at Holy Name Cathedral, 735 North State Street. The march will commence from the Cathedral to Water Tower Place for a prayer vigil.

NOW’s Gandy Is Alarmed—Good!

The recent post-election fundraising letter from NOW’s president Kim Gandy has a dash of despair about it. This may simply be her fundraising technique, but there’s a ring of truth to her complaint.

She says NOW must stop pro-lifers now because 23 states already have trigger laws that would immediately criminalize abortion the minute Roe is overturned. She says Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee are ready to pass South Dakota-type bans on abortion, even though the SD ban was defeated in referendum.

She says we pro-lifers will stop at nothing to stop abortion, and now some pro-lifers are saying they want to stop birth control as well. Kim says she can’t believe her ears: pro-lifers want to deny women the pill, the IUD, the morning after pill and emergency contraception, by calling these drugs and devices “abortifacients.”

Most encouraging to us is her complaint that it is getting harder and harder to keep abortion clinics open, and she talks about the only remaining abortion provider in Mississippi, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and their trials.

So, Gandy counsels, NOW must rush to the defense of its “daughters” and keep abortion available to them by all means. NOW must fight diligently so that America won’t revert to the bad old days when women couldn’t have an abortion or pop an abortion pill at the drop of a hat.

But, she says, with Nancy Pelosi and other “fine people” like her now in power, and with NOW’s own grassroots network working on state and local levels, NOW sees itself uniquely positioned to win the great battle for reproductive freedom.

It is truly a sad commentary on the depth to which women in this country have fallen, when they consider that having an abortion—the most despicable thing a woman can do to herself, her child, society, and God—is considered the badge of true womanhood. How low, we must ask, has our society sunk?

They Regret Their Abortions

A few months ago Ms. magazine was inviting women to write and join their names to a list of post-abortive women who just loved their abortions, were proud of them, would do them all over again, or something like that. It was pitiful.

But Judy Brown will be running a full page of real names in a number of newspapers on January 22, of women who had abortions and are honest about it, signing under the headline “We regret our Abortions” and offering help to other post-abortive women.

This is a project of the “Silent No More” awareness group and we know many of these women who are willing to tell the truth that they are not proud at all of their abortions, they do not love their abortions, they would do anything in the world if they had never had their abortions.

And until other American women can be honest about their abortions—that abortion is a terrible decision—this country is going nowhere. God is ready to forgive any sin, even abortion, but not if you brag about it.

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