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Dear Pro-Life Action League,

As a victim of abortion I know the consequences that come with abortion. They never tell you how much physical damage it can do to your body, how it hurts, or how it rips the baby apart. They also never mention the physiological, emotional, and spiritual ramifications. I can tell you first hand that I regret every day of my life the “Choice” I made. I cant undo my mistake, but hopefully I can help others not to make the wrong choice.

Mickie McKee, San Antonio, TX
Dear Pro-Life Action League,

I just wanted to thank you all for the great work that you are doing! As a teen, I have been greatly saddened by the deaths of so many of my generation!

The words used to justify these brutal murders only further my outrage: “Who says I wanted a baby? Why should I? It would make me feel sad to give the baby up for adoption after it has been born (oh horror of horrors!).” The pro-abortion movement is made up of selfish, hateful neo-eugenicist Nazis. So, thank you again for your work!

Chloë Donaldson, Via E-mail
Dear Pro-Life Action League,

I’d just like to say that I’m glad there are groups like you that stop this abominable act against life. My son was just born on November 20 and I am very pro life. I love my son very much and I am thankful he is in my life. I am very against abortion and I think that we live in a quick answer push button throw away wasteful society. It sickens me that fetuses are cut up like meat on a butcher block and people think that’s ok.

Dennis Carvalho, Jr., Lowell, MA
Dear Pro-Life Action League,

I am a 23 year old mother of 2 beautiful little girls whom I love very much. I am currently attending college where one of my instructors asked the class to write a research paper on an issue that is important to us. I picked abortion. The reason this topic is so important to me is because one of my children was conceived unwillingly, and I still decided that having this child was more important to me than trying to make things disappear. Several of my friends tried to pressure me into having an abortion and I refused. As I stated above I am writing a research paper on why abortion is wrong and the pros to not having an abortion. I was wondering if you could send me information that would be helpful in doing this research. I want to make sure that I have all the facts correct and make an impact with this research paper. Any help that I receive from you will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. God Bless

[Name and Address withheld]

We promptly sent this correspondent the information on abortion she was looking for.—Editor

Dear Pro-Life Action League,

In reading the history of Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League, I am truly at a loss for words—and this is unusual for me! I thought our little “gang of 10” was persecuted.

Joe has always been my “idol” if you will. I was “called” to do pro-life work 23 years ago, when it was just a grassroots movement. I started out sidewalk counseling, when it was so much easier to do, and the women were not so hardened to life. I found out about Joe when [other groups] stopped demonstating and counseling. They were afraid that what was happening to Joe, would happen to them.

So a few of us have remained, trusting that God has our backs (and we know a few pro-life lawyers who work pro-bono if we get in trouble). We have watched in horror to what has happened to Joe, Randall Terry, Operation Rescue, et al.

This is a tough movement, and it has its depressing moments. I thank God that Joe was finally vindicated!

Paula Reichert-McKiban, Clayton, OH

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Dear Pro-Life Action League,

My comment is that anyone who believes it is okay to take a baby’s head out of the womb and smash the head and killing the baby or tearing apart a baby within the womb is nuts! That is obviously poor judgement to tell people that should be kept as everyday life here in America. I am talking about the justices who voted against the ban on Partial Birth Abortion. You would have to have lost your mind to believe that is okay to do to someone.

Mary Grace Hansen, Via E-mail
Dear Pro-Life Action League,

I’m so glad to see such an informative Pro-Life website. Thank-you for your contribution to Pro-Life activism. God Bless.

Rebeccah, Via E-mail

I see that the Supreme Court has finally done what they should have done, many years ago . . . two times in a row now . . . first, in their ruling against partial birth abortion, and now in finally dismissing the long standing case against you.

We appreciate your work and your dedication. Job himself couldn’t have done any better!
May God continue to bless you and yours, and may his grace finally bring an end to abortion, soon.

Larry Douglas, Via E-mail
Dear Pro-Life Action League,

I just came upon your site and I thank Almighty God for brave Catholic Americans such as you.
God bless you in your apostolate.

Ernie Todd, Via E-mail
Dearest Ann,

I spoke to you for a moment during the March for Life when I recognized you and then told you I knew you as a “movie star” (from Pro-Life Action League training videos).

I think we did meet before, probably through my adopted dad, Bob Newman.

I just wanted to tell you how blessed I am by you. I’m 51 and one tires at my age of self-important people. It is so refreshing to meet someone who IS so important, but doesn’t behave like they are above handing out literature in a crowd. It brings tears to my eyes to think there are people who have been at this battle for as long as you have been, but sincerely work for and believe that this battle is worth continuing and that we can do even more to put an end to abortion and restore respect for the sanctity of all human life.

Be encouraged. You are loved and respected for who you are and the work that you do.

Meredith Parente, Via E-mail

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Dear Pro-Life Action League,

I am very sorry to hear of the possible deaths of newborn children diagnosed with serious illness or handicapping conditions in Great Britian.

As the mother of a child who was gravely ill at birth I wish to state that that same child is now a very happy young adult who will be 21 on 02/25/07. Yes, he does have moderate mental impairments but he is happy and greatly loved. He is a young man who hates to miss Mass on Sunday and is now actively engaged in the RCIA program in ou local parish.

How can we kill our birthed children? Is it not horrible enough to kill the unborn? What do these extremists want to teach the living children? Are we to pick and choose our children as we pick and choose consumer goods? Where are we headed?

Elizabeth, Virginia, MN
Dear Joe,

Thanks for sending me the Action News. I find it very informative. In your Fall 2006 issue you had the article “Contraception Is Not the Answer”. I wonder if we could print the part from it “Contraception Is an Insult to Women” in our Pro-Life Newsletter of our parish. I think this is an excellent article and just what I always wanted to get from somewhere.

Helga Roegele, Newtown, CT

We replied to Helga as follows: “By all means, yes, you certainly have our permission to reprint the article ‘Contraception Is Not the Answer,’ in part or in whole, in your pro-life newsletter. All we would ask is that you cite our name and our website, prolifeaction.org, when you do so.”—Editor

Dear Pro-Life Action League,

Until we respect life in the womb, killings such as at Virginia Tech will continue. These kids were brought up with a law that it is its okay to get rid of a life that is somehow undesirable.

It spirals from there.

God have mercy on us.

Kay, Via E-mail
Dear Pro-Life,

I am 44 years old, never had an abortion or anything like that. But, you know I never got around to looking at the abortion photographs of aborted babies. My God, I did not know they were alive. I thought of them as fetuses.

They are killing children—live children out there. The photos changed my mind, shocked me into reality.

I am a sort of lackluster Christian, and felt offended by people pushing their views on me about being pro-life. You know the photos, not the church, are what turned me around. I just wanted to share this with you.

If I saw that in high school, I’d have been frightened to death, of looking at decapitated babies, who were totally born alive, then killed.

Titania Jones, Concord, CA

Action News welcomes your letters to the editor. We print as many as we can fit into each print edition of Action News. E-mail your letter or send to the address at the bottom of this page.

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