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Generations for Life on the Air

On January 19, GFL’s John Jansen was a guest on Relevant Radio‘s Drew Mariani Show. He was very glad for the opportunity to talk about GFL’s mission to a national audience numbering well into the tens of thousands.

On April 3, John was interviewed for a Catholic radio show, Two Edge Talk, which is broadcast on a Christian radio station in northeastern Oklahoma. During the interview, John discussed the many harmful characteristics of so-called comprehensive sex education programs—a topic he addressed in a talk given at TeenSpeak 2007 (see story).

New Club in Lansing, MI

Shortly after the March for Life, a group of teens in Lansing, MI bought our Pro-Life Curriculum and formed Homeschoolers 4 Life (H4L). As one of their first activities, the group prayed outside of a local abortion clinic. One club member blogged about the experience:

There are over one billion Christians in this world, if one billion people stood up and said no to something they would change the world. Jesus was beaten and killed because the good men in the crowd said nothing while the mob was screaming for his death. Evil gets powerful because good men do nothing. Who will we choose to be, the person who screams for the protection of an innocent life, or the person who condemns an innocent life to death by saying nothing?

Clearly, this new club has already shown that it is a force to be reckoned with!

Making a Difference

Throughout the school year, we receive dozens of requests for help with projects, papers, and speeches from students of all ages and from all across the country, and even internationally—recently John spent 20 minutes on the phone with a young lady from Germany who was seeking information for a report on abortion! The following is a sample of the gracious replies we have received recently from students who contacted us for information:

Thank you so much! I recieved all the information. I really appreciate it. It was more then generous. I think what you have going is wonderful and keep it up. Thanks so much!—Tiffany W., high school student, Parkside, PA

WOW are the only words that come to mind, the pamphlets you sent me were just horrible. Before I was a true pro-choice supporter but the more in depth my research becomes the more my point of view pivots toward the pro-life side. Thank you for the disturbing yet true information, it has been very helpful in creating my power point.—Megan B., high school student, Baltimore, MD [The “horrible” pamphlets Megan refers to included graphic abortion pictures.—Editor]

Thank you so much! You really gave me a different perspective on euthanasia. Thanks for all your help it is greatly appreciated!—Melanie G., 8th grader, Tampa, FL

A few months ago you replied with some information that was helpful on my paper on the pro-life movement. Especially during the Operation Rescue days, which I was involved in. I just want to say thank you very much. It was a blessing telling my classmates this event and the witness what the church can do if we do it in groups, such as the rescues. Praise God.—Joseph K., Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL

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