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***Scroll for Updates…Jill Stanek’s slide show from last night’s meeting added below…Additional Updates added 8/30, 12:06PM…see below*** Last night, an overflow crowd of pro-lifers jammed the City Council meeting in Aurora, IL to speak out against the Planned Parenthood Abortion Fortress scheduled to open there next month. The Aurora Beacon article about the meeting is headlined: “Anti-abortion, abortion-rights activists pack City Council”. From this headline, you’d probably guess that the numbers of pro-life and pro-abortion activists present at the meeting were more or less equal, right? Here’s how the article opens:

AURORA — Close to 200 people packed City Council chambers Tuesday night, spilled into the hallways and trailed down stairwells — turning the usually staid meeting into a sometimes fiery exchange, shouting down one alderman and plowing through a three-minute speaking time rule. With many railing against a Planned Parenthood women’s health center set to open in three weeks, the second-floor meeting room was bursting at the seams with 124 people signed up to talk about the health center — an item not on the City Council’s agenda. [emphasis added]

What the article doesn’t say is that of the 124 people who signed up to address the City Council: 2 were pro-abortion. 122 were pro-life. Read that headline again: “Anti-abortion, abortion-rights activists pack City Council”. Um, the pro-aborts didn’t pack anything.


Jill Stanek has been doing an amazing job covering the Aurora Planned Parenthood story. She had an excellent post yesterday titled, “Did Planned Parenthood commit fraud against Aurora, or are officials in on it?”. And she has a WorldNetDaily column today titled “Planned Parenthood driven underground”. In addition, WorldNetDaily has a news story today on the Aurora Abortion Fortress titled, “Deception built super-secret clinic”. Also see this article from yesterday’s Aurora Beacon, titled “Aurora reviewing clinic approval/ City hires law firm to check Planned Parenthood application process”, in which Eric says, “I don’t have the disadvantage of being a lawyer. I’m just a guy who thinks that if you lie to government officials, you ought to be held accountable.” [Cross-posted at Lunch Break] **UPDATE, 8/29, 2:28PM: See Fran Eaton and Jill Stanek’s slide show — accompanied by a great choice of music! — from last night’s meeting: **UPDATE, 8/30, 12:06PM:

Additional Coverage

  • Eric Scheidler’s post at Families Against Planned Parenthood blog, including his statement to the Aurora City Council
  • Joe from Joe’s Lab was at the meeting, and has an excellent reflection, including his statement to the City Council

Jill Stanek continues her excellent coverage of the Aurora situation with three more posts:

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