Who’s Afraid of a Pro-Life Message?

Repeatedly vandalized bench It’s not the first time this graffiti tagged bench in Rockford, IL has been vandalized. It’s the tenth time. In three weeks. Apparently, someone in Rockford doesn’t believe women deserve better than abortion, for on one occasion, the message “Women deserve better than abortion” was scratched off. Another time, a picture of a baby attached to an ad was stolen. You know, because baby pictures are too offensive to be displayed in public. Rockford pro-lifer Kevin Rilott, a friend of Generations for Life, commented on the vandalism:

“It’s just affecting someone and made them very angry,” he said. “We know it’s a controversial issue, but if we can’t peacefully express our opinion, it’s not what our county is about.”

Rilott indicated the group has contracted advertising on the bus bench through November and will keep on putting up new slogans when older ones are defaced. Hats off to Kevin and his fellow pro-lifers for their resilience. As we have for the past three years, we will be visiting Rockford again on our annual Face the Truth Tour this coming July. It will be interesting to see if the bench-defacing pro-aborts will show up to counter-demonstrate. HT: LifeNews

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