Us and Them

After the Mundelein incident, the rest of our Face the Truth Tour went well. The only other real problem we encountered was a disagreement with a Cook County law enforcement officer who tried telling us we were “advertising”, and as such, weren’t allowed to display graphic abortion signs on the Chicago streets adjacent to forest preserve property. The situation was quickly defused once his superior arrived, who assured us we were acting well within our rights. We got some coverage in the Chicago Sun-Times on Friday in an article by Neil Steinberg, who happened by the Tour in downtown Chicago last Wednesday. Although Steinberg is a strongly “pro-choice” atheist, he acknowledges that he and my boss, Joe Scheidler, “enjoy an unusually good relationship”. In his weekend hotline, Scheidler notes that Steinberg’s article “isn’t half bad”, and I’d have to agree. I was particularly struck by the final four paragraphs, which portend gloom for our pro-abortion opposition, and ultimate victory for us pro-lifers:

A few pro-choicers are standing next to Joe [Scheidler], and I talk to them. One holds a sign reading “My Body, My Choice.” She chooses not to give her name, and isn’t exactly aflame with her cause, anyway. “It’s still legal and we’d like to keep it that way,” she says. Tepid stuff, next to Joe’s glittery-eyed verve. That’s the problem with the whole conflict. There’s no balance. On one side you’ve got guys like Joe Scheidler, practically a biblical figure, John Brown holding a staff and spreading his arms over bleeding Kansas. On the other, you have bland rationality under the by-definition indecisive banner of “choice” (hmmm, which one, let’s see …) afraid to give their names and lacking anywhere near the passion their opponents possess. It hardly seems a fair fight.

There’s still a long way to go, of course, but Steinberg hints at a crucial point that pro-lifers have been making more often these last few years: The days of abortion in America are numbered.

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