League Pickets Pro-Abort Candidate Topinka

Topinka Picket

Luanne Bloom and Phil Corridon picket Topinka in Chicago, Mar 7 [Photo by EJS]

Update 3/20: It is worth noting that Illinois Citizens for Life PAC has endorsed Bill Brady in the Republican Gubernatorial primary. ICL also offers a pro-life voter guide [PDF], which you can take into the voting booth with you.

On Tuesday March 7, the Pro-Life Action League picketed Judy Baar Topinka at the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. With two weeks before the Illinois primary election, League members highlighted Topinka’s support for abortion with signs reading Life Yes! Topinka No! and graphic abortion signs, as well as flyers on Topinka’s pro-abortion stance.

Topinka is currently the frontrunner in the Republican race to choose a challenger to Governor Rod Blagojevich, who is also pro-abortion. However, Topinka needs to know she cannot count on the support of pro-life Illinoisans in November, without which she will not be able to defeat Blagojevich. Republican candidates Jim Oberweis and Bill Brady are both pro-life.

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