Tellin’ It Like It Is

Pope Benedict XVI In an address this weekend to Vatican representatives to international organizations, Pope Benedict XVI reminded them of the importance of their role in discussions with groups like the United Nations, where they are often surrounded by vocal and powerful forces opposed to Christian values. Benedict had some striking insights on the relationship between justice and truth, and he didn’t hesitate to reaffirm the Church’s constant teaching against abortion:

The relations between states and within the states are just in the degree in which they respect truth. Nonetheless, when truth is disregarded, peace is threatened, law is endangered and then, as a logical consequence, injustices are unleashed. These are the boundaries that divide countries in a much more profound way than the limits drawn up on the geographical maps and frequently are not only external boundaries but also internal to the states. These injustices also take on new faces. For example, the face of disinterest and confusion that comes to damage the structure of the family, the fundamental cell of society. Or the face of authoritarianism or arrogance which can even become authorized, silencing those who have no voice or strength to be heard, as happens in the case of the injustice which, perhaps today the gravest is that which does away with nascent human life.

I’m guessing the 55 pro-abortion Catholic Democrats who signed the “Statement of Principles” last month will ignore these remarks, since they seem to ignore most of what the Pope says about Church doctrine. You can read the full text of Benedict’s address here.

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