Supporting Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton Last night we got an e-mail from a fellow named Dave:

It has recently come to my attention that my favorite grocery store, Albertsons is issuing canned apologies to anyone who calls or writes criticizing Patricia Heaton. In others words they make efforts to apologize for being associated with a pro life spokesman but couldn’t care less for their pro life customers. There was a similar incident reagarding the Terry Schiavo affair. Could you mention in your publications for suscribers to take a minute to contact Albertsons Customer Service or albertsons.com to voice their support for recent statements made by Patricia Heaton?

We’d be glad to. The customer service number for Albertsons — the parent company of Jewel-Osco — is 877-932-7948. Some background info: Actress Patricia Heaton has been a spokeswoman for Feminists for Life for the past several years. She’s also been doing commercials for Albertsons in recent years. Within the past few weeks, she appeared in a TV commercial that encouraged Missouri residents to vote no on Amendment 2, which makes human cloning a constitutional right. (You can view the commercial here.) You can get a sense of the level of hostility Heaton is facing here (this was the first thing that came up on a Google search for “Patricia Heaton, Albertsons, criticize”:

The other thing….Patricia Heaton, I have lost all respect for you as a mother and as an actress. The fact that you would be against stem cell research but have no problem with a President who has sent 2800 of our children to die in an unjust war and keep your big mouth shut about that for 3 1/2 years is so hypocritical. I will never watch anything you appear on ever again. And Albertson’s….you’ve lost my business as long as you keep this right wing b**** as your spokesperson!

And this (also from the link atop the previously mentioned Google search results):

Particia Heaton, thank god you have no girls, if you did I hope they get raped at that point you can decide if you want to be a conservative.

More nastiness here [warning: language]. The most despicable part is that she’s the target of this vile criticism because, the haters say, she’s “against stem cell research” when, of course, she isn’t. She deserves our support.

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