Shooting Themselves in the Foot

By now, you’ve probably heard about the professor who led her students in vandalizing a pro-life display at Northern Kentucky University. The act of destroying such displays, which consist of white wooden crosses that symbolize victims of abortion, is nothing new. Eight years ago, when Annie and I were active in the pro-life club at Loyola, our wooden crosses — set up with permission, and with the help of university employees — were likewise trashed. Along with breaking crosses and ripping up signs, vandals also saw fit to throw in a few — surprise! — coat hangers in the midst of the display. So, when I first heard about the vandalism at Northern Kentucky, I wasn’t entirely surprised. Even after finding out that a professor had actively encouraged her students to join her in trashing the pro-life display, I wasn’t shocked. Maybe I’m being too cynical, but this is what I’ve come to expect from pro-aborts. And what segment of the population is more virulently pro-abortion than college professors? To her credit, however, the vandalizing professor, Dr. Sally Jacobson, has issued an apology — a smart move on her part considering that a few days ago she said she didn’t see anything wrong with what she had done. She also noted in an interview with a local TV station that she hoped her actions had not damaged the college’s reputation. I wonder how the unfortunate souls in Northern Kentucky’s PR department are doing right about now. Or the school’s recruiters: this incident comes right in the middle of decision time for high school seniors. If I were a senior, and if I had been considering Northern Kentucky, last week’s idiocy would have made my short list even shorter. For us as pro-lifers, let’s keep these displays coming. Many of them will probably be vandalized, but even so, this doesn’t hurt our cause in the long run. On the other hand, pro-abortion vandalism does hurt the perpetrators’ cause, for as long as pro-aborts keep behaving like a brood of spoiled children, public support for abortion will continue to drop.

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