Seattle Abortion Clinic to Close

Closed In the last thirteen months, fifteen abortion clinics have closed throughout the country. The latest is Aradia Women’s Health Center in Seattle, which will close permanently at the end of January 2007. Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman comments:

Interestingly, [Aradia’s] letter [PDF] announcing the closure repeatedly refers to the “success” of the abortion mill. When one’s business fails for financial reasons, one should hardly call that “success.” That use of language is just an example of how the abortion cartel creates their own reality with euphemisms to cover up the truth. Business failure becomes “success.” Killing babies and traumatizing women becomes “sensitive abortion care.”

With this in mind, note the headline of the Seattle Times article on Aradia’s closing:

Low-income women’s health clinic to close doors

The more that things change, the more they stay the same: Although abortion clinics are closing left and right, media bias is still alive and well.

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