Scheidlers Work To Uphold South Dakota Abortion Ban

Pro-Life at Mt. Rushmore

Pro-Lifers at Mt. Rushmore: Ann and Joe Scheidler with South Dakotans Jean and Al Carlson

The eyes of the nation are on South Dakota, where statewide abortion ban passed by the legislature and signed into law by South Governor Mike Rounds earlier this year is being jeopardized by a ballot initiative brought by Planned Parenthood. On November 7 we will see whether the law banning nearly all abortions in the state will stand.

Joe and Ann Scheidler traveled to Rapid City, SD on the last weekend in October to bolster the pro-life campaign to defend the law. They were invited by Al Carlson, director of Citizens for Life, which has been working diligently in the western half of the state to mobilize pro-lifers and to educate the electorate on the importance of voting YES on November 7.

Joe Scheidler spoke at a rally at the Quality Inn on Friday evening, Oct. 27, and urged each person present to take the campaign to at least one other person during the remaining week before the election. In September, Scheidler spoke at the South Dakota Right to Life convention in Sioux Falls.

Campaign Mounts in South Dakota

The highways and city streets in the Rapid City area are peppered with Vote Yes for Life signboards. Although many had been defaced and then cleaned up, we saw no signs opposing the law, known as Referred Law 6. The daily newspapers are filled with pages of articles and letters on abortion and the impact of this potential ban.

The Bishop Paul Swain of Sioux Falls, immediately after being ordained to his new post, announced that “I’m proud to say that the first vote I will cast as a South Dakotan will be yes for Referred Law 6.” Churches throughout the state are calling for prayers for the passage of the law.

The pro-abortion lobby has made it a priority to defeat the South Dakota abortion ban. Planned Parenthood is pouring money into television and radio ads. The American Civil Liberties Union is flying pro-abortion volunteers into the state as well.

For more information on how you can get involved in this historic moment in our nation’s struggle to protect the innocent and defenseless, visit Vote Yes for Life.

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