Respect Life Week

Yesterday was Respect Life Sunday, and today, as John mentioned, is Pro-Life Memorial Day. But I learned from an insert in my bulletin yesterday that this whole week (actually 10 days) from October 1-10 is the 14th Annual International Week of Prayer and Fasting – For the Conversion of Nations, and an End to Abortion and to Build a Culture of life. Some suggestions I got from the bulletin include:

I realize most of these suggestions are explicitly Catholic, so if you are not Catholic, you are more than welcome to do any of the above, but also feel free to come up with your own way of participating. All prayers are needed! I’m going to pray the rosary with the above intention in mind and attending a pro-life mass at our parish next Monday. I encourage you to participate, joining your prayers and fasting with the thousands of people all over the world. Grace will abound.

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