11 WeeksAmong some pro-aborts there seems to be a real contempt for the unborn child as if she purposely chose to invade the womb of an unsuspecting woman. It is not the child who is innocent, but the woman, who is being attacked against her will. As we have seen on this blog and many other places, the result is a lot of anger and a lot of blood shed. The fact is that a woman’s body has the capacity to bear children. The purpose of her womb, whether she actually bears children or not, is to be a home for a developing child, just her eyes function in order for her to see. As a human being with free will, she can choose not to bear children. But to deny her very nature, her very biology, is to deny reality. Therefore, if a woman engages in sexual intercourse and conceives a child, why is she then at war with her own body – a body that is functioning just as it was created to do? Why is there a war being waged against reality? The child is not the enemy. She is a beautiful reality of the natural order.

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