Pro-Life Student Attacked


A pro-life student was punched and knocked down by a pro-abortion woman during a pro-life rally at the College of William and Mary. Authorities are withholding the girl’s name, but she told campus police she was distributing pro-life literature during the event when the woman assaulted her. William and Mary spokesman Bill Walker told the Associated Press the incident happened Tuesday night and that the student told officials the woman punched her and pushed her to the ground rather than accept the literature.

I guess this shouldn’t come as such a shock — after all, we can’t say that Jesus never warned us that we’d be persecuted if we followed the Gospel. What happened to the girl at William & Mary reminded me of our Face the Truth tour last summer, when we had pro-life volunteers threatened, cursed at, spit on, and assaulted. Anyone else had similar experiences? HT: Pro-Life Blogs

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