Is Planned Parenthood Lying about Intimidation by Pro-Lifers?

Indy Planned Parnethood

Planned Parenthood’s A Woman’s Choice abortion facitility in Indianapolis, IN [Photo by Rachel Conner]

An investigation by the Pro-Life Action League’s John Jansen, Co-Director of our Generations for Life youth outreach division, has raised serious questions about the truthfulness of a story being circulated by Planned Parenthood which claims outrageous duplicity and intimidation by staff of a pro-life pregnancy resource center (PRC). On Friday, May 5, Generations for Life issued a press release calling on Planned Parenthood to come clean on the story.

The story, circulated widely via e-mail and published on numerous websites, alleges that an unnamed PRC somewhere in Indiana engaged in “a campaign of harassment and intimidation” against a pregnant 17-year old girl who had “unwittingly” walked into the center, which shares a parking lot with the Planned Parenthood facility.

Indianapolis PRC

Only one Indiana PP abortion facility shares a lot with a PRC, this one in Indianapolis [Photo by Rachel Conner]

Come Clean, Planned Parenthood

“Planned Parenthood’s story may be great for fundraising, but it doesn’t square with the facts as we know them,” Jansen said. Jansen’s investigation revealed that the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that fits the description in account is their Indianapolis facility. The Indianapolic Police Department has no record of police activity either at the abortion facility of the PRC with which it shares a lot. No lawsuits of any kind were found in county records.

“Planned Parenthood claims that this girls was ‘scared to death’ by pro-lifers’ efforts to talk her out of abortion—yet nobody appears to have even called the police about it,” Jansen remarked.

Generations for Life and the Pro-Life Action League are calling on Planned Parenthood to either substantiate its claims with hard evidence, or admit the story is a fabrication.

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