Planned Parenthood Battles Scheidler over Contraception

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Contact: Joe Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, 773-777-2900, cell 312-965-1030

Chicago, Oct. 23—”I am not surprised that Planned Parenthood singled out the Pro-Life Action League in their so-called Strategy for Moving Forward,” said Joseph M. Scheidler, National Director of the Chicago-based activist group. “That shows they view us as a formidable opponent. I’m proud to be a thorn in Planned Parenthood’s side.”

In an October appeal, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards made the Pro-Life Action League’s recent conference, “Contraception Is Not The Answer,” a call to arms for her supporters. She wrote:

“A few weeks ago, 250 anti-choice activists from around the nation converged on Rosemont, Illinois. They were there to attend a conference called ‘Contraception Is Not the Answer’.”

Richards went on to point the finger at the League’s director, Joe Scheidler:

“That conference was sponsored by the anti-choice Pro-Life Action League, whose extremist president, Joseph Scheidler, told the [Chicago] Tribune that ‘contraception is more the root cause of abortion than anything else’.”

“Richards is right to worry about our campaign to expose the truth about contraception,” commented Scheidler. “The evidence coming out from the medical and social sciences reveals a dark side to contraception. We think it’s time Americans look at that evidence, but Planned Parenthood wants to cover it up.”

“Richards is wrong,” Scheidler continued. “Contraception is not the answer to this nation’s high abortion rate. On the contrary, flooding our society with contraceptives has only encouraged the kind of irresponsible sexual behavior and anti-child mentality that directly leads to abortion.”

Scheidler, who was also singled out by the National Organization for Women in a twenty-year long federal racketeering lawsuit, views the attacks from pro-abortion organizations as confirmation that his activist tactics are effective in undermining their persistent anti-life agenda.

“I have always believed that one is known by his enemies,” said Scheidler, “I take it as a mark of our effectiveness that Planned Parenthood is worried. They should worry because we have truth on our side—a truth that threatens Planned Parenthood’s radical agenda of sexual promiscuity and abortion—and they have nothing but lies.

“Anyone who wants to understand the true impact of contraception should hear the evidence presented by our speakers at our ‘Contraception Is Not The Answer’ conference,” he said.

For further information on the Pro-Life Action League or “Contraception Is Not the Answer,” visit: www.prolifeaction.org.

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