Contraception Is Not the Answer to Teen Pregnancy [Letter to the Editor]

League National Director Joseph M. Scheidler submitted the following Letter to the Editor to the Chicago Sun-Times in response to an editorial praising the implementation of parental notification rules in Illinois, but calling for more contraception to prevent teen pregnancy.

While I applaud the Sun-Times support for parental notification prior to a teenager’s abortion, I must take exception with your assertion that “the very best way to prevent teenage pregnancy is through education and access to contraception.”

Education about abstinence would be fine, but access to contraception is another matter. It is a popular misconception that widespread contraception will reduce unintended pregnancy and abortion. On the contrary, studies prove that the contraceptive mentality paves the way to acceptance of abortion. In addition, contraception alters basic relationships between men and women. It separates procreation from sex and creates an expectation that pregnancy will not be the natural result of sexual intimacy. It also creates a false sense of “security.”

The Pro-Life Action League is exploring the impact of contraception on society in a conference Sept. 22 and 23, entitled “Contraception Is Not the Answer.” We invite anyone who still holds the Sun-Times view that contraception is the answer to attend this conference and learn the truth about contraception, including Sun-Times editors.

Joseph M. Scheidler

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