Hundreds Picket Planned Parenthood Express Location

PP Express Picket

Orland Park Planned Parenthood Express Protest, Mar 5 [Photo by Dan Gura]

On Saturday, March 4, the Pro-Life Action League joined Illinois Right to Life for a protest and prayer vigil at the Planned Parenthood Express location in Orland Park, IL. Two hundred area pro-lifers participated in the event, organized by Illinois Right to Life Executive Director Bill Beckman, who resides nearby.

Beckman’s goal is to oust the Planned Parenthood Express facility from their location on La Grange Road, less than two miles from Carl Sandburg High School. The Express locations dispense contraceptives and offer abortion referrals, with special discounts for teens seventeen and under.

PP Express Picket

Protest exposes Planned Parenthood’s agenda, Mar 5 [Photo by Dan Gura]

Planned Parenthood Targeting Teens

The Express locations are essentially outposts of Planned Parenthood’s full-service clinics. Beckman notes that abortion profits are now Planned Parenthood’s primary source of income, so the Express locations are all about increaing business—at the expense of our teens.

It was particularly appropriate that among the protestors were several groups of teens. Read more about the teen presence at Generations for Life.

The League contributed to the successful protest by alerting local activists about it and by supplying three dozen signs, including graphic abortion signs. Illinois Right to Life will be organizing regular monthly protests at the Orland Park facility, and the possibility of doing likewise at the Planned Parenthood Express locations in Schaumburg and Naperville is being explored.

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