Post-Abortion Outreach

Bringing the message of God’s love and mercy to women who have had abortions is one of the most important aspects of the pro-life mission. George and Linda Zallie are doing exactly that. At the age of 20, their daughter Stacy had an abortion. Shortly thereafter, she sought psychiatric help, which she ended after 3 months. Soon after her 21st birthday, she took her own life. Her parents have started The Stacy Zallie Foundation to provide resources to post-abortive women so that they will be able to find the help and healing they need. The Foundation’s website offers help to women suffering from post-abortion aftermath, and places a particular emphasis on the need for compassion and non-judgmental care. The site provides links to faith-based and secular post-abortion counselors. “If I get one girl — one girl — to go to that site and realize that she’s not alone, then it’s worth it,” Mr. Zallie said.

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