My First Save

A student recently interviewed me via e-mail for a school project.  She asked me what drew me into the pro-life movement.  In the course of my answer, I got to talking about my first “save.”  When I was 19 years old, I started sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic by my parents’ house.  For about four months I kept trying to help women choose life for their babies, but was unsuccessful.  Then one day, I gave some literature to two young women not much older than myself.  They took it and went into the clinic.  About 20 minutes later they came back out. I asked them why they had come back out.  One of the girls smiled and said, “We’ve read the literature and we’re not gonna go through with the abortion.”  I was so surprised and excited that I hug the girl.  Pointing to her friend, she quickly said, “Don’t hug me, hug her.  She’s the one who’s pregnant!”  So I did.  Then she said, “And I’m going to be the godmother!” They thanked me, crossed the street and went to get into their car.  As they were leaving, another woman approached the clinic.  I offered her literature and told her about the two women who had just changed their minds and pointed to the girls.  Little did I know that this woman was a clinic worker!  She wasn’t wearing scrubs, so I didn’t know.  Without even looking for traffic, she ran across the street yelling to the girls, “You don’t have to listen to this woman!  She’s lying to you!  You make your own choice!” The two girls looked at each other in shock and then just stared at this woman as she came running after them.  The non-pregnant girl said very firmly that they had made this decision on their own and that they decided to keep the baby.  The clinic worker was furious!  She came storming back across the street, past me and went into the clinic. I’ll never forget the day.  There’s no greater joy than helping a woman chose life for her baby who will in turn bring her great joy. BTW, it occurred to me the other day that her baby is now 10 years old!

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