“My Body, My Choice”

I just finished reading a Mary Higgin’s Clark book – a little light reading before bed.  Part of the plot involved an embryo mix up at an in vitro clinic which got me thinking about the logic behind, “my body, my choice.” Let’s say there was a mix up at an in vitro clinic where a woman found out that she was not carrying her own baby.  Could she have an abortion if she decided she did not want to carry someone else’s baby?  Or should the biological mother have a say in the life or death of her own child? Similarly, would a surrogate mother have the right to abort the baby in her womb if decided she didn’t want to be pregnant anymore?  What if the pregnancy was making her ill?  Or what if her life was “at risk” because of the pregnancy?  After all it’s her body.  Or what if the biological mother of the baby decided she didn’t want her baby anymore.  Could she force the surrogate mother to get an abortion? Planned Parenthood says, “Every Child A Wanted Child.”  But wanted by whom? It gets complicated.  But it helps to bring up the ultimate question:  Is an embryo a separate human being?  If not, who has rights to it?  If yes, then should it be protected?

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