More Pro-Abortion Vandalism

…In South Dakota. From LifeNews:

The pro-abortion organization that is opposing the statewide abortion ban in South Dakota is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to televise ads against the ban. Though they have outspent pro-life advocates by a 2-1 margin pro-abortion activists have tried to silence the pro-life campaign for the ban by vandalizing their signs. The pro-abortion vandalism has included painting coat hangers on the signs, changing the wording to urge people to vote against the abortion ban or advocate violence.

Desperation, anyone? The article also notes:

A Catholic high school and Catholic church have been defaced with spray painted pro-abortion slogans and another incident of vandalism included spray painted messages advocating the eating of unborn babies.

Nice. I’m sure that will play well in Peoria Pierre. Contrast this unhinged behavior with the pro-life response: Vote Yes for Life

While abortion advocates claim to support women’s rights, a spokeswoman for Vote Yes for Life, the pro-life group whose signs have been trashed, says they don’t speak for her. “The people who did this do not stand up for women like me,” Kayla Brandt told World Net Daily. “Vandalism like that reminds me that the pro-abortion movement didn’t care about me when I was facing an unplanned pregnancy. And they still don’t care about women like me now.”

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