Manure Dumped in Front of College Pro-Life Display

Last week at the University of Calgary, pro-abortion protestors dumped bags of cow manure in front of a Genocide Awareness Project display sponsored by the school’s Campus Pro-Life group. The GAP display includes large, gruesome pictures of aborted babies as well as victims of genocide in Nazi Germany, Cambodia, and Rwanda. Campus Pro-Life President Josh Nugent commented on the display:

In the past, when governments have stripped person-hood status from human beings, genocide has taken place. That’s what happened during the Holocaust, that’s what happened in Rwanda, that’s what happened on the killing fields of Cambodia. In every case, that is wrong. Just like the unborn, that is wrong. These cases are not the same, but they’re similar, and that’s the common thread. They’ve said this is a human being, but not a person, thus it shall not be granted rights as a human.

If people want to disagree with this comparison, they’re free to do so. In fact, there are even many pro-lifers, such as Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who believe that the Holocaust and abortion are such distinct phenomena that they should never be compared to each other. Still, I can’t begin to understand what those who dumped manure in front of the GAP display hoped to accomplish in the long run. And I certainly can’t imagine how anyone who is undecided where he stands on abortion could be won over by such an act. I am reminded of our Face the Truth Tour last summer. On one occasion, we were on a busy street in downtown Chicago, and a ragtag group of half a dozen pro-aborts were bunched together on a nearby corner, attempting to counter-demonstrate. They bitterly — and rather loudly — shouted a litany of tired old slogans — “My body, my choice,” “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries,” etc. I remember one guy who walked past our display, then walked past the pro-aborts, then came over to me and told me he’d never really given the abortion issue much thought, but after seeing how each of our sides conducted ourselves, he said, “I’m with you guys.”

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