Making a Difference

It’s no secret that the pro-life movement is gaining momentum, and our numbers are growing. This is due in large part to the massive number of teens who have refused to buy into the “pro-choice” agenda. Opposing abortion by a 2-1 margin, teens are by far more pro-life than any other segment of the population. Many pro-life teens aren’t content to simply be against abortion, and have taken it upon themselves to become actively pro-life. One such group is the Crusaders for Life at Queen of the Holy Rosary High School in Necedah, WI. Recently, the Crusaders hosted an open house at their school to talk about abortion and the pro-life movement. They started with a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the club’s work, and offered suggestions for starting a pro-life group. Three club members spoke about their experiences taking part in monthly protests and other pro-life activities. They also showed Action Speaks Louder than Words, a documentary on pro-life activism put out by the Pro-Life Action League. The Crusaders’ goal in hosting the open house was to encourage community members to join them in their monthly protests and other activities. That in itself is not all that unique, but what is unique was their primary target audience: adults. Teens are the ones leading pro-life activities in their community, and they’re looking for more adults to join them. I can’t help but note the irony here, as I’ve taken part in my share of pro-life demonstrations, and have often heard the shrill accusation that pro-life parents who bring along their children are “brainwashing” them. The Crusaders are the opposite of brainwashed. They have put their pro-life beliefs into action not because they’re mindlessly doing what their parents told them to do. They’ve done it because they’ve seen the devastating effects of abortion on women and how it’s corroded our culture, and they’ve decided for themselves to do something about it. What does the future hold for the Crusaders? Next on their agenda is to give a series of pro-life talks to local CCD groups. Needless to say, they don’t plan to stop fighting abortion any time soon.

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