Legal = Safe?

Example #9327582832 illustrating the fallacy of “Legal Abortion = Safe Abortion”:

Alabama Abortion Clinic Remains Open After Violating Ten Laws

Huntsville, AL – A Huntsville, Alabama, abortion mill remains open today in spite of Health Department citations for violations of ten state laws. Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives was cited during a surprise inspection last month for violations that included forwarding after-hours emergency calls to non-medical personnel, routinely failing to document the gestational age of the pre-born baby, and releasing abortion patients after less than the required 20 minutes in recovery. The violations indicated a “sloppiness” in the general care of patients, according to Rick Harris, who heads the Bureau of Health Provider Standards. “It makes you wonder, what else are they failing to document?” [source]

And, for the worst part:

Despite the concerns, the abortion mill remains open and no fines are expected because a plan has been submitted to correct the violations.

Ah, yes, a Plan. Move along. Nothing to see here, folks. Never fear, a Plan is here. And not only is the Plan here, it’s actually been submitted! I mean, is there really any good reason to shut down an abortion clinic over a few “violations”? After all, the abortion clinic has submitted a Plan. Surely we can trust the trustworthy abortion clinic personnel to see to it that the Plan is implemented, can’t we? *** And, in related coverage:

Botched Abortion Sends Woman To Milwaukee Hospital

Milwaukee, WI – Missionaries to the Pre-born (MTTP) are reporting that an ambulance was summoned Tuesday to Affiliated Medical Services in Milwaukee and later transported a woman to the hospital suffering from what witnesses believed was a perforated uterus… The alert sidewalk counselors photographed the ambulance as emergency workers were preparing the victim for transport:

Ambulance at Milwaukee abortion clinic When you go to the Affiliated Medical Services website, the first thing you see is a message claiming that it “provides high-quality medical care, including pregnancy termination, with compassion and confidentiality.” Compassion? Uh…not so much:

The abortion injury seemed to have little impact on the abortion workers. According to [Pastor Matt] Trewhella [head of MTTP], “Clinic workers were later filmed laughing and joking outside the abortuary.”

If that’s their idea of “compassion,” it’s no wonder their idea of “high-quality medical care” means a botched abortion resulting in the need to be rushed to a hospital in an ambulance. HT: Operation Rescue

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