Great Pro-Life T-Shirts from Stand True

[Pray to End Abortion T-Shirt]

During the March for Life last week I had the opportunity to chat with my old pal Bryan Kemper, who runs Stand True Ministries. I mentioned to Bryan how much I love the designs on the T-shirts Stand True were selling at their booth at the March for Life convention (Bryan is the one who came up with the concept of Pro-Life T-Shirt Day). Bryan was kind enough to give me my favorite one—pictured at the right. This design was drawn by Bryan’s friend Dave Quiggle. What I love about it is that it’s so visually compelling–the colors are attractive, the design is beautiful and so well drawn–and yet it does not scream out “Here’s a Pro-Life T-Shirt!” You have to look a little more closely at it to see the pro-life message—but because it’s such an attractive design, you do look, and see the slogan: “Pray to end abortion.” They’ve got several other great designs too. I’m not sure if Dave Quiggle has drawn any of the other ones, but there are some good ones by “Graphix by Bethany” and others. Pro-Life T-Shirt Day is April 25—not too soon to order a T-shirt from Stand True. Get one now and you’ll have time to break it in!

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