Forced Abortions Are More Common Than You Think

Nicholas and Lola Kampf, kidnappers Operation Rescue has a great post today on Katelyn Kampf, the 19-year old Maine woman who was kidnapped by her parents in an attempt to force her to have an abortion. OR’s Cheryl Sullenger, a 22-year sidewalk counseling veteran, notes that this high-profile case of forced abortion is hardly an isolated incident; rather, it’s a microcosm:

I have seen sobbing women dragged into abortion clinics by the neck and hair. I have seen women driven into abortion clinic parking lots mouthing the words “help me” through the window. I have seen desperate women run away from abusive boyfriends at abortion clinics only to see their abusers capture them and return them for abortions they did not want. We’ve called the police, but they just tell us that abortion is legal. They don’t want to get involved. The problem is epidemic in scope. In the case of the Maine woman, when her parents discovered her pregnancy, they chased her into the yard and tied her up. Her father dragged her into the back of their car and they headed for New York, intending to force their daughter to abort her baby. One source indicated that she may have been over 20 weeks along and was unable to get an abortion that late in Maine. The girl slipped away from her parents in New Hampshire and made a 911 call. Police found her crying hysterically behind a store.

Incredibly, one prominent pro-abortion blogger, Jill at Feministe, makes the case that pro-lifers are to blame:

And it would do them well to consider the fact that a government which can take away your right to prevent pregnancy can also take away your right to carry pregnancies to term. Laws which require parental consent for abortion or birth control can easily be taken a step further and require parental consent for childbirth.

JivinJ, with admirable candor — he starts off by saying, “I don’t know where to begin here” — gives this argument the smackdown it deserves.

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