Exposing Planned Parenthood

Obligatory Image Description There is no one better than Dawn Eden when it comes to digging up dirt on Planned Parenthood. She’s posted two entries this week on the sex-peddling, abortion-pushing juggernaut, both of which are must-reads (HT: Mark Shea, who has repeatedly — and rightly — claimed, “Show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that despises children”). From earlier this week:

Planned Parenthood of Canada — now known as the less historically freighted Canadian Federation for Sexual Health — has long pushed the envelope farther than its American counterpart. So, it’s no surprise that its Toronto chapter’s teen sex-ed site, Spiderbytes, is more openly pedophiliac than Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Teenwire (which I detailed in the Touchstone article “The Young and the Hot-Wired”). For anyone wishing to prove that Planned Parenthood’s true agenda is to sexualize children, Spiderbytes is a goldmine. There’s simply too much for me to describe on my own, and [words] fail me when it comes to features like the Risk Rater. I took Spiderbytes’ “sexual readiness” quiz: “What to Do and When?”. To see what would be the site’s advice to those teens who need the most guidance in controlling their behavior, I checked off the most sex-obsessed answers to multiple-choice questions like this one: You are surfing the net and accidentally come across a porn site. You… a. bookmark it with the rest b. change sites immediately c. look if you’re curious d. call friends to joke about it When I clicked for my quiz score, this is what came up: Horny and Ready to Ride…

It gets worse. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) Today, Dawn posted an entry showing how Planned Parenthood promotes bestiality. The nightmarishness doesn’t stop there. Life Center of Long Island, which runs a network of pregnancy resource centers, recently won a $90,000 grant from Nassau County. After LCLI executive director Lorraine Garibaldi publicly complained about Planned Parenthood’s promotion of bestiality, Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi — who is currently vying to win the Democratic nomination in the governor’s race — rescinded the Life Center’s grant. A Newsday article reports:

Sister Mairead Barrett, a nun on Suozzi’s steering committee, said she was in working groups with Gariboldi and heard no discussion of deviance. Ostrich “I was quite surprised actually to hear what this woman said and to read it because we were all in the room together,” she said. “To me it shows a lack of openness and lack of insight.” Suozzi said his coalition included “people from all ends of the spectrum who are goodhearted people.” He added, “These comments are just irresponsible.”

Thereafter, rumor has it that Suozzi and Sister Barrett traveled to a beach on Long Island Sound and proceeded to bury their heads in the sand.

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