Empty Seats

On Friday, October 6th, the community from Rosary High School in Aurora, Illinois, gathered in the auditorium for an all-school rosary (the day before the Feast of the Holy Rosary). As students and teachers arrived, they found 157 seats marked, “saved.” In a school of 447 girls, 157 saved seats represents 26% – the number of girls who would have been present had they not lost their lives to abortion in the four years that current students were born, when 26% of all pregnancies ended in abortion. When there were no available seats, girls found places to sit on the floor. At the end of the school day, campus minister Sandy Iwanski noted that the school’s community prayerbook contained a new prayer intention: “For the girls who would have been here today if they had not lost their lives to abortion.” What an excellent visual and one that no one is likely to forget anytime soon! Perhaps YOUR club would be interested in doing this project.

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