Drive-Thru Birth Control?

It’s here. Yesterday, a “health” clinic in Wausau, WI, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new drive-up birth control window. The window, clinic staff say, will make it easier for them to get birth control into the hands of girls as young as 15 — and their parents never have to know. When will these clinics learn? Personally, I’ve always been against abortion, but I used to believe that making condoms and other forms of birth control available were important as a way of preventing abortions of unplanned pregnancies. Basically, I was uninformed. (It probably didn’t help that one of the Religion teachers at the Catholic high school I attended told us that birth control really wasn’t a big deal — even though the Church has always taught that using contraception is sinful.) But then I started to actually look at how ineffective condoms and other forms of birth control really are, and the negative effects they’ve had on our society. Condoms are supposed to prevent against STDs. Instead, for the past several decades we’ve seen an increase in the number of people who use condoms, and we’ve also seen an explosion in the number of STD cases. Condoms, along with other forms of birth control, are supposed to prevent against pregnancy. Instead, as more and more people use birth control, millions of couples still become pregnant unexpectedly. After I learned these facts, I realized that the only pro-life solution to preventing STDs and unplanned pregnancies is to promote abstinence from sex before marriage. It’s the only thing that works.

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