Contraception Leads to Abortion. Period.

Ruben at No Room for Contraception has hit the nail on the head in explaining the increasingly obvious connection between birth control and abortion:

It’s a common assumption that contraception reduces the need for abortion in the United States. Yet the history of contraception and abortion in the 60s and 70s shows this assumption to be incorrect. In the 60s, the legal status of contraceptives and the ability of married couples to use them varied from state to state. Most states had restrictions on how contraceptives could be distributed and who could use them. The United States Supreme Court would play a pivotal role in the increased access to contraception during this period by declaring various state restrictions unconstitutional. Though it started much earlier, the sexual revolution started to make serious inroads in the mid 60s. The introduction of the birth control pill brought the revolution to new heights. The pill rapidly gained acceptance, and by 1965, 42.9 percent of married teens were using or had used oral contraception.

Read the whole thing. *** Pandora's Box Speaking of the contraception/abortion connection: A few days ago I was working on a story for the Pro-Life Action League’s newspaper on media coverage of our recent “Contraception Is Not the Answer” conference. In the course of doing so, I was pleased to see that Kathryn Joyce of the liberal magazine The Nation saw fit to note that the conference “served as a sort of coming-out party for the anticontraception movement”. It’s also worth noting that the comments section article in which she referred to the CINTA conference (the article is on the “Quiverfull” movement within evangelical Protestantism) serve as yet another reminder of the intense hatred experienced by large, non-contracepting Christian families in our culture. Admittedly, some comments were sensible and fair-minded. Most weren’t. Examples:

What pisses me off is that I have to subsidize the breeding of little fanatics for the Holy War these people are planning. Credits, exemptions, dependents, property taxes…The list keeps growing. If they keep clogging up the tax codes with kid-friendly stuff, we’ll all have to have 50 kids, just so we can keep some of our paycheck.


This movement is frightening. To top it off, they home-school their litters. Just perfect. Another way to dumb down an already diminished populations intelligence. It’s definitely a race issue, as well. If it weren’t, they’d adopt all the children already here who need parents. Oops, most of those are minority or mixed race. Only Aryans qualify. These people disgust me.


The behaviour of these parents can be summed up in one word – and this is supported by most of the comments in the posts above. They are ‘IRRESPONSIBLE’. Anybody who brings into the world a child whom they cannot properly support – materially, spiritually and psychologically – cannot be described in any other way. Sir Julian Huxley was right when he said that we cannot hide in the arms of an inscrutable God; yet that is exactly what these parents are claiming they can do.

And this one, which once again proves Godwin’s Law:

This sounds much like the rhetoric used by the Nazis to promote their Aryan ideal. Women were encouraged to propagate to produce the Aryan warrior to take over the world. Frightening stuff. We’re running out of land, fuel, etc. There are too many people on this planet already. It’s selfish to have so many children.

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