Bitter, Hateful, & Angry

Since the announcement on Tuesday of Joe Scheidler’s Supreme Court victory, the Pro-Life Action League’s office has been flooded with phone calls and emails from all over the country and overseas. The vast majority of these messages expressed hearty congratulations, but not all. It wasn’t long before expletive-filled hate mail started to make its way to our inbox. Here’s just one example:

Dear Pro-Life, Take your stupid a** back to the cold war and move to Russia! It’s none of you’re G**d*** buisness what other do to their bodies unless it’s is your body. Cash a check and take a vaction out of everyone else’s lives that you have no buisness butting into in the first place. How many more choice can you take away from the land of the free’s people? Oil that runs your car has killed a million more folks ( whom by the way could speak and read and so forth) than abortion ever will. Get a clue, Oh but God’s gonna get mad. Hmmmm ya know thats what the kkk have said for years. Pro-life and the kkk can just rot in hell, cause that is where yer going. First rule never judge people it’s not our job to do that ya freaks. I wish you were aborted. It would of made the world a little lighter. Tom B. ******@yahoo.com i dare ya to write back ya sinners………

Being on the front lines of pro-life activism, League employees are no strangers to harsh, vulgar, and even threatening criticism, so hate mail is nothing new to us. What are we to make of it? On the one hand, we have to expect it — Jesus gave His followers plenty of warnings that they’d be persecuted. As Joe Scheidler himself has often said, “If you’re not in trouble, you’re in trouble.” But the bitterness, hatred, and anger present in the hate mail we receive also point to something else. Pro-abortion forces know that their movement is in crisis and that pro-lifers are gaining the upper hand. By stooping to the level of such nasty “I wish you were aborted and I hope you rot in hell” attacks, the opposition lets us know that they are in a state of despair. All the more reason for us to step up our efforts to spread the Gospel of Life and end abortion.

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