Babies are a Sign of Hope

BabyOne of my girlfriends recently had her second baby – a little boy. Of course our first conversation was all about the labor. Women who’ve had children love to talk about their birth stories. Ever since I had my little girl 9 months ago, I’ve found the subject fascinating. I like to hear how long they were in labor, how the labor progressed, how it compared to the first time, etc. Listening to my friend talk about her birth story reminded me of my own. I wondered what it would be like the second time around should we be blessed with more children. Then I started thinking about what it means to want more children. To be honest, when I was in the middle of my 19 hour labor, I remember very clearly thinking that this was it. I was not going to have any more children. This baby was going to be our first and our last. So why would I or anybody else want to have another baby? It’s really hard work! Even for the woman who gets an epidural, she still has to go through quite a bit of labor. And then there are the c-sections. Your body is cut open to get your baby out! Almost any woman will tell you that right after she gives birth is not a good time to ask her about future children. But after some time passes, most women, including myself, start thinking about baby #2. I believe this is a great sign of hope. In spite of all the pain a woman must go through to bring her little one into the world, not only is she is grateful for that little life, but she is willing to go through it again. The way I see it, life, though filled with pain is still good. Even in the deepest, darkest moments, life is good because there is always hope. A child is a sign of that hope. After all the pain, all the hard work, all the tears and agony, a beautiful thing happens both in labor and in life – a new life is born.

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