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Miss Kelly at Modestly Yours has a must-read post titled “Sexual Freedom Is Damaging to Students”. It’s about a new book called Unprotected, written by an anonymous psychiatrist at the student counseling center of a major American university who has seen firsthand the horrible effects inflicted — especially on women — by so-called “safe sex” and “sexual freedom”. *** Christina at RealChoice has a great post titled “Pre-Roe Mortality, Redux”:

Just about anybody that’s paid attention has heard the claim that “thousands” — or, more specifically, “5,000 to 10,000” maternal deaths a year in the United States from criminal abortions back in the bad old pre-Roe days. In fact, Planned Parenthood’s amicus brief filed with PP v. Casey still cited this bogus “fact”. Let’s start with the numbers. Where did they come from?

Find out here. *** JivinJ reports on some disturbing statistics from the United Kingdom about the number of teens having “two or three abortions”. He asks:

According to mythology, having contraception widely available should dramatically lower abortion rates, right? And certainly prevent young women from having three abortions by the time they’re 24, right?

*** Mark Shea summarizes in one paragraph what’s wrong with the euthanasia movement:

A reader eager for euthanasia writes: Wow. The desperation to control people’s bodies just gets stronger and stronger… Now you are adamant that people must not even be allowed to refuse treatment if it could keep them alive? That’s pretty scary stuff. Sounds like we need to cede all control of our bodies to doctors… Actually, that’s pretty much what the euthanasia movement is about. The goal is to make it possible for bean counters and hospital administratoes to decide who is and is not profitable enough to keep alive. The fiction that this about control of our destiny is just that: fiction. We already have control of our destiny. Anybody who likes can gas themselves, shoot themselves, jump off a bridge or do away with themselves in any number of ways. The Death Brigade want to make it possible to kill those whom the Elite decides are unworthy of life. It is *sold*, of course, as “choice”. But it will be delivered in the form of doctors empowered to kill you.

*** And, the lead article in next month’s issue of First Things: “What We Know About Embryonic Stem Cells”. Here’s the nail in the coffin:

In June 2004, Ron McKay at the National Institutes of Health acknowledged in a Washington Post interview that scientists have not been quick to correct exaggerated claims of the medical potential of embryonic stem cells, yet McKay justified this dishonesty by stating: “To start with, people need a fairy tale. Maybe that’s unfair, but they need a story line that’s relatively simple to understand.” Isn’t it time Americans recognize the promise of obtaining medical miracles from embryonic stem cells for the fairy tale it really is?

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