Another 1st Amendment Victory for Pro-Life Students

Via LifeSite:

LIVINGSTON, CA, September 14, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A public school reversed its position over students being allowed to wear pro-life shirts as a result of an administrative complaint filed by attorneys from the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) on the pupils’ behalf. Two middle school students were admonished by school officials for wearing pro-life shirts. The shirts stated: (front) Help Cure Abortion (back) Abortion: The leading cause of death in America 1,200,000 every year.

Here is the shirt the students wore: shirt These shirts can be ordered — for only five bucks! — here.

One student was pulled out of her classroom by two instructors and told that she is not to wear the shirt to school because it is “inappropriate.” She was then ordered to remove the t-shirt or turn it wrong side out, and cautioned that refusal to do so would result in her being sent home. Her sister, who also wore a pro-life shirt, was told by a teacher that a note was sent from the school office stating that the shirt must be removed. Facing discipline from the school, the pupils complied with the school’s demand. In a letter from the school’s administration to PJI in response to the administrative complaint, the school stated that it concurred with PJI’s position that the students have a First Amendment right to wear the shirts in question. The letter goes on to state that school staff has been instructed not to take action against pupils wearing these or similar shirts. “We salute this school district’s willingness to quickly resolve this outrageous injustice to these two students,” said Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute. “But even more importantly, we salute those students and their families for not allowing this injustice to continue.”

So the school did a 180 at the mere threat of a lawsuit. This is very encouraging news. Good for these students for refusing to take this infringement on their First Amendment rights sitting down.

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