Abstinence Ed “Failure” Story Debunked

When Pigs FlyThere’s a story—actually several months old at this point—that’s lately been making the rounds at various radical feminist and other leftist websites and even the mainstream media. It’s about the alleged abject failure of abstinence only programs at one Timken High School in Canton, OH, resulting in an epidemic of teen pregnancies, and how the school administration jettisoned such programs in favor of “comprehensive” programs that include birth control instruction. Tim at Random Observations looked into this report and offers a thorough debunking. The most outrageous bit is the case of one Timken student whose parents claimed to have talk to her “45 times a week” about sex, and yet—somehow—blame the school for their daughter’s pregnancy! As Tim concludes: “In short, we appear to have been conned yet again.” Read the whole thing.

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