Tiller the Killer Has Much To Fear in 2007

Another new year, another chance to set things right, and that means working mightily to stop abortion on demand in America.

A New Year of Battle

We never thought back in January of 1973 that abortion would still be legal thirty-four years later. We thought that if we could only reach the good old God-fearing, people-loving American masses with the truth that abortion is murder, this thing would be over in a few years. We didn’t know how hard it would be to spread the truth in our country, so famous for its free exchange of ideas. Nor did we appreciate at that time how determined the death peddlers would be to promote their culture of death, and how big their lies would be.

Well, we know now, and the battle rages on with a mountain of work to do to bring this country back to its moral groundings and its Biblical principles. But let’s see what we can do about it in 2007. And may God be with us.

Tiller the Killer Not Off the Hook

George Tiller of Wichita, Kansas abortion fame is still walking around Wichita a free man instead of sitting in a prison cell awaiting his trial as a murderer facing thirty charges of aborting third trimester babies without presenting any arguments that these abortions were necessary “to prevent irreversible impairment of a major bodily function if the pregnant woman had not had the abortion.”

It appears that Tiller rarely presented any state-required proof that the late term abortions were necessary, and he always got away with breaking the law. Through careful cooperation between the legal powers that be in Kansas, these cases were summarily dismissed on technical grounds.

But when Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline tried to reinstate thirty of these criminal charges, pro-abortion Judge Paul W. Clark simply disregarded the statutes of the State and threw the case out. The judge gave a lame excuse for his action, saying Kline had filed the criminal charges without the consent of the District Attorney. Kansas law does not stipulate that the District Attorney need give consent.

The thirty changes were filed against Tiller before Christmas but were thrown out then by the pro-abortion court, then presented again after Christmas. Troy Newman of Operation Rescue says pro-lifers will seek a more reasonable, honest court to take the case.

Earlier, Sedgwick County District Court Judge Eric Yost, following the presentation of evidence from numerous sources, found probable cause that Tiller did committed the crimes alleged. When this same evidence was presented to Judge Clark, he didn’t even review the evidence but, being a friend of Tiller, simply rejected all the charges out of hand.

You would think, however, from what you read in the secular press that Tiller is completely off the hook now. Not so, so stay tuned. We have read the charges, and they sure sound like “George Tiller, the Baby Killer.”

Meanwhile, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor is engrossed in the case, and his substitute this week, says that O”Reilly wont let the Tiller case go away. So look for more action when Bill gets back next week.

Read Roeser on Obama

If you fail to read Tom Roeser’s column in the December 28 issue of The Wanderer, “What Are the Factors That Will Defeat Obama?”, 2006 will have been a literary waste for you. This is possibly the best column I have read this year, and maybe for a decade. It captures the cold reality of a comedy in progress, that has mesmerized a superficial nation demanding bread and circuses in its national politics.

Bambi Obama—who but Tom Roeser would come up with an image so apropos!

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