Activist Tim Murphy Extorts Irish Catholics To Vote Pro-Life

In an interview with long-time pro-life activist Tim Murphy in the December issue of the Irish American News, Murphy makes a strong point that anyone who votes for a candidate who supports abortion, that voter, no matter how high minded he or she may be, becomes part of the immoral abortion culture that is destroying America.

Murphy Tells Irish Catholics: Vote Pro-Life

Tim makes it clear that anyone who supports a candidate who supports abortion, himself supports abortion, which is logical enough that you’d think anyone could figure that out himself. Tim says that making this point was his main purpose in doing the interview with Chris Fogarty. Irish Catholics must stop voting for pro-abortion Irish Catholic politicians.

The article also points out the sacrifices Murphy and his wife Bea have made over the years as victims of the abortionists’ unsuccessful, but long-term NOW v. Scheidler case, his more than a dozen arrests, spending time in prison, and long hours of research.

The article also describes Murphy’s discoveries of nearly five-thousand aborted children in the back alleys of abortion clinics and at pathology labs, their funerals held around the country, two-thousand of them being buried in Chicago, and his dogged determination to end abortion. Murphy uncovered more than three-hundred malpractice suits against abortionists, resulting in some of them quitting the grizzly trade. He has spent many hours in the front lines at abortuaries all over the country.

A former researcher for the Pro-Life Action League, Tim is presently on staff at the Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center in downtown Chicago. But his primary message is that if you vote for pro-abortionists, you are part of the abortion culture, so stop pretending you’re pro-life. And stop thinking you’re a good Catholic. You’re fooling nobody but yourself.

Nativity Back at Daley Plaza

Speaking of the TMS PRo-Life Law Center, Attorney Thomas Brejcha, founder and director of the center, won a victory just recently. A preview of The Nativity Story film that was barred from being shown in the Daley Plaza during the Christmas Season is now being shown. Brejcha got the City to reverse its order.

The first showing was Wednesday morning at a press conference in the Daley Plaza. The preview of The Nazareth story will run through Christmas Day.

Abortion Strips India of Baby Girls

You would think the feminists, at least, would complain. New evidence shows that seven-thousand female babies are legally aborted every day in India. Through use of ultrasound, Indian parents can discover the sex of the baby, and if it is female it is aborted . Males now far outnumber females in India, boding ill for the country’s future.

There’s an old saying, “You can’t fool Mother Nature.” I don’t know how you say that in any of the languages they speak in India, but all factions ought to look into it.

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