Pro-Abort Pelosi Plays Up Catholic Roots

Incoming Pro-Abortion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to stress her Catholicism and her Italian heritage for all they’re worth before she gets sworn in as the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Pro-Abort Pelosi’s Plays Pious

Pelosi’s campaign to concentrate on her roots in working-class, Catholic Baltimore begins January 2 and is a clear attempt to dilute her image as the flaming pro-abortion, gay rights liberal that she is.

She starts off by attending Mass at the Church of St. Leo the Great in Baltimore’s Little Italy where she went to parochial school. She will also attend Mass at her alma mater, Trinity College, and hold a reception at the Italian Embassy.

That should prove to gullible Catholic Democrats that Nancy is just a sweet little Italian Catholic girl who really isn’t the Dragon Lady nasty conservatives have made her out to be. It will probably work, and how sad that is.

Blago Ups Funds for Stem Cell Research

Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich has issued another of his famous executive orders demanding another $15 million dollars for embryonic stem cell research. While the Senate generally frowns on the Governor’s demands for such generous funding for such research, with five new Democrat Senators since the November election, the Governor may well get his heart’s desire.

NJ Gays Want “Marriage Rights”

While New Jersey lawmakers couldn’t quite bring themselves to grant marriage rights to homosexuals, they came close by granting gays adoption rights, hospital visitation rights, inheritance rights and health insurance benefits to so-called partners. Gays were happy but not real happy, wanting “marriage rights.” Gays call these civil unions, “marriage lite.”

Obama’s Anti-Life Agenda

A few more items concerning the great and noble Barack Obama whom Fr. Andrew Greely is all gaga over, and calls a man of principles, integrity and just about everything that would qualify him for at least the first order of sanctity, “Venerable.”

Jill Stanek who has appeared before Obama and ought to know, says Obama is not only pro-abortion and pro-homosexual but that he can’t really be too pro-homosexual because in supporting gay sex he supports the primary cause for the spread of AIDS, which kills homosexuals. And he wants to make condoms widely available, despite the fact that the condom failure rate starts off at 20 percent and quickly becomes 100 percent.

Saint Barack is also against the Defense of Marriage Act. His beloved wife has written a fundraising letter against banning the horrendous form of child killing known as Partial Birth Abortion. Also, Blessed Barack voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act which would have simply assure that babies born alive from abortion would be helped instead of murdered.

Furthermore, Saint Obama wants to force all of us taxpayers to give lots of our hard earned money to the government so that medical ghouls can experiment on embryonic stem cells—that is, fellow human beings—on the outside chance that the ghouls might stumble onto some cure or other—or more likely not—but who cares since the taxpayers are footing the bill anyway.

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