Our Lady of Guadalupe Shows the Way for Pro-Lifers

Happy feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This feast makes us reflect on how often it is the humble, lowly, self-effacing people who are singled out by God for special graces needed to carry out special spiritual assignments.

The Message of Guadalupe

In the Old Testament we read of the young shepherd, David, chosen to be King of Israel, Joseph becoming the powerful administrator of the riches of Egypt, the handmaid Mary, chosen to be the Mother of Jesus, fishermen and hated tax collectors chosen as Christ’s apostles and bishops.

In the lives of the Saints we see the “least of these” being chosen to found religious orders, work miracles, reform the Church. It is more the rule than the exception for unknowns to become great saints.

So it was with this feast. The Blessed Mother appeared to a poor peasant, Juan Diego, who became instrumental in the conversion of millions of pagans to Catholicism, through the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe at a time when Catholics were leaving the Church in Europe en masse, during the Protestant Reformation.

Experts point out that on Juan Diego’s tilma, the likeness of the Virgin wears the garments of a pregnant woman. This image of Mary, with Child, is now the Patroness of the world-wide pro-life movement. As our patroness, we turn to her in our battle to save the unborn from abortion.

This is our feast day as we pray with deep faith and confidence for the end of abortion throughout the world and especially in our own country. This war will be won through work and prayer—ora et labora—and today we pray for help from Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Greeley’s Busted Political Compass

Andrew Greeley, not our favorite priest, writes in a recent issue of the Chicago Sun-Times that Sen. Barack Obama is, we quote, “a man of firm principles, a modest man , a politician who tries to bring people together instead of polarizing them, a politician with honor, integrity and intelligence, a new image of the United States to the world, a charismatic moderate.”

Obama, Father Greely should also mention, is a man who supports the killing of four to five thousand unborn children every day in America, supports the gruesome partial birth abortion method, and voted against banning it. “Saint Obama” also favors homosexual rights and marriage between two men. Talk about integrity and firm principles and the image of the honorable American!

If that’s what Greeley sees as honorable, integral and an ideal image for the world to imitate, perhaps Greeley needs a new value system, himself. Open your eyes, Father! In my book Obama should never be President, and Greeley should stop giving political recommendations.

Meanwhile, we can’t help thinking Sen. Sam Brownback would make an appropriate opponent for Obama, should her run for president in 2008. Brownback v. Obama would be True Integrity v. Fake Integrity. Eat your heart out, Fr. Greeley.

O’Reilly Exposes “Tiller the Killer”

Bill O’Reilly has been turning his attention to abortion atrocities recently, and had a former patient of George Tiller on his program, “Kelly” who had a Tiller abortion when she was fourteen and aborted her baby in the toilet. Ten years later she is still traumatized by the experience and has become self-destructive. The O’Reilly Factor segment can be seen at YouTube.

Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman is asking pro-lifers who are not going to Washington for the March for Life, to come to Wichita, KS Jan. 19-22 to picket George Tiller’s abortuary there. We’d be there if we didn’t have to go to Washington to give several talks at that time.

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