Casting Down Planned Parenthood’s Golden Calf

Planned Parenthood Chicago just can’t get it out of its craw—that anyone would have the audacity to question their golden calf, contraception. How dare we!

We’ll Tell the Truth about Contraception

In their recent fund-raising letter, Steve Trombley says that “even contraception is at risk. The Pro-Life Action League held an anti-birth control conference in Rosemont called ‘Contraception is not the Answer’— another example of anti-abortion forces reaching into the most personal areas of women’s lives.”

What is so personal about over-the-counter steroids advertised in magazines and on television, paid for with our hard earned tax money, argued about in the state and federal legislatures, sanctified by the U. S. Supreme Court, lied about by pharmaceutical companies, the cause of various cancers and a root cause of abortion on demand?

Yes, we will educate on contraception every chance we get, something Planned Parenthood Chicago will never do. As the evidence piles up and eventually gets reported, we will be able to say, “We told you so, but you just wouldn’t listen.”

But those who did listen may save their lives, save their babies’ lives, and even save their souls. In the end even Planned Parenthood folks will have to admit that they were on the wrong side of this issue—about as wrong as anyone can be.

Hyde Passes the Torch to Roskam

In a recent farewell address to Congress and his many friends, Illinois Congressman Henry J. Hyde said he came to Congress 32 years ago to make a difference, and in that time he increased the protection of the unborn and guarded our civil rights. He now entrusts the continuation of his dream to his friends and colleagues in the House of Representatives.

Hyde’s place will be taken by Peter Roskam. We offer Peter our best and hope he can fill Henry’s big shoes.

Eye on Pro-Life Brownback

We are happy that the U. S. Senator from Kansas , Sam Brownback, is taking his first step in a presidential bid. He will begin a ten-state tour of states, with a traditional stop in Iowa. A religious conservative, Brownback says there is a real need in our country to rebuild the family and renew our culture.

Brownback, who is just fifty, says his faith in God guides his opposition to abortion, gay marriage and embryonic stem-cell research. He says he will make issues of life a key component in wooing supporters. Brownback has also fought genocide in Sudan, and has urged clamping down on human slave trafficking. Brownback has said, “We believe in a culture of life—that every human life is a beautiful, sacred, unique child of a loving God.”

Brownback sounds almost too good to be true, and would be the near perfect candidate in 2008. Sam Hananel of the Associated Press calls his White House bid a “long shot.” Long or short, it’s the shot the League is listening for.

Ten Thousands Words on Abortion

One of the most often misquoted slogans is that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” I actually remember the old days when people got it right. The statement from Confucius is in fact, “A picture is worth ten thousand words.” In other words, it saves a whole lot of description.

We have found this to be true. I actually became a safe driver after seeing a horrendous picture of an automobile accident. It has haunted me for years.

Now we want to haunt the American people into a loathing for abortion and we will only do this by showing the pictures—yes, the graphic, ugly, bloody, horrible pictures of what they tell us most Americans support—the chopping up and scalding and butchering of little boys and girls to the tune of four-thousand a day.

We want Americans to feel guilty as sin, which they are, for supporting abortion. We want them to know that if they aren’t fighting abortion with all their might they are part of the human holocaust going on right here in America. South Dakota folks who voted against Reserve Law 6 voted for abortion. We hope to give them a chance to set it right.

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