Florida Abortion Clinic Kills Baby Born Alive

Turn to page 90 in your November 20th issue of Newsweek and see a beautiful photograph of an unborn baby in its mother’s womb. It’s an article from their “TipSheet” section telling expectant mothers that it is safer than previously thought to have amniocentesis if you’re trying to discover if your baby has Downs Syndrome.

Picture Shows Who’s in There

While the slant is not too subtle, that what they now call simply “Amnio” can be used as a search and destroy mechanism to get rid of quote “a damaged fetus,” the tip is never to suggest abortion. But the fact is that more than 90% of the cases of Downs discovered this way are aborted.

But the picture is worth 10,000 words, never-the-less, and tells a powerful story of who is in there.

Abortion Clinic Kills Live Baby

In Hialeah, FL an autopsy report released last week indicates that a baby who was born alive in an abortion attempt, was subsequently killed by someone at the clinic. Hialeah Police are seeking murder charges, but the clinic owner has put up her house for sale and may flee rather than face the charges.

In July an 18-year-old female went to the A Gyn Diagnostics to complete an abortion in her 22nd week of pregnancy, and was placed in a recovery room until the abortionist would arrive to do the abortion. After several hours, the doctor not having arrived, the woman gave birth to a live baby girl. The clinic owner, Belkis Gonzalez, put the struggling baby in a plastic bag and threw it onto the abortion clinic roof.

The baby’s body was discovered a week later by the police, and sent to the Dade County Medical Examiner for an autopsy. The baby girl, black hair and brown eyes, was apparently healthy at the time of her birth and the cause of death was listed as extreme prematurity. The manner of her death was listed as “natural,” meaning that she would probably have died.

However, Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, who ordered the autopsy report to be made public, said that once born the law demands that a baby be given care. Putting her in a plastic bag to suffocate, and throwing her on the clinic roof to die is “unconscionable,” according to Newman. In fact it’s more than that, it’s murder.

The baby has been named Shanice Denise Osborne. So far no charges have been made against Gonzalez. Newman says Gonzalez should be considered a flight risk.

Byrne on Scrooge Daley

For one of the best commentaries on Mayor Daley’s Office of Special Events decision to kick a film clip of “The Nativity Story” out of Daley Plaza, read Dennis Byrne’s satiric commentary in Monday’s Chicago Tribune. Byrne is merciless, suggesting that if we allow one religion to show its belief we will be required to allow Covens of Witches, Druids, The Falun Gong and the Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye in with their various rituals.

All these different religious customs and practices might ruin the kind of society we all celebrate as Americans—Diversity. The column merits a four column picture from the film, “The Nativity Story” picturing Joseph and Mary and the Christ Child, and a two column photograph of the Nativity display in the Daley Plaza.

Richie really struck out on that decision. He should go back to ripping up airports at midnight.

Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland

We’ll miss Germany. A recent report in the Bloomberg News says Germany’s population could decline 16 percent by 2050, from 82 million to 69 million, and that the decline cannot be stopped. Despite government incentives for families to have children, the birthrate will soon decline from 685,000 to 500,000 annually, while the share of people 80 and over will rise to from four million to ten million. The working population (20 to 64) will drop from its present 61 percent to 22 percent by mid-century.

Remember when they used to talk about the population bomb? Dummies.

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